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Jakarta Design Center
Ground Floor
Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 53
Jakarta 10260
Telp : (021) 5720381/2
Fax : (021) 5720549
Email : acquatrendjdc@yahoo.com
Grand Launching of the Website
In January 2011, we will launch our first debut for the website. This website is meant to be the liaison between the customers, and the company. The company will also be able to get seen in terms of products, and the Brand Awareness.

As we know, the internet users worldwide is getting more and more day by day. And it also attract more companies to gain control in the this field. Internet, sooner or later, will be the best way to interact customers. It is also been triggered by the expansion in the technoloogy side. The technology that Human being has, is growing with rapid speed in these days, and in January, ACQUATREND will launch their website in ACQUATREND.COM